A Blazed Boy Aluminum Grinder - 2.5 inch - 4 Chamber - Quick Lock

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Made from premium grade Aluminum, this BB grinder will be the last grinder you will ever need. CNC'd from one aluminum block, each grinder has a lifetime guarantee. Our grinders use a unique screwing mechanism to lock in one twist - so time is saved when you need a quick bowl! The screen is removable for cleaning the grinder. This grinder features FOUR chambers. Never lose kief/pollen in the corners of the pollen chamber as the BB features rounded corners with a scooper included!

    • HEAVY DUTY 4-PIECE GRINDER – We even put in rounded corners so none of the sticky herbs get stuck or build up. 
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY – No strings attached. If you wear it out or it breaks, contact us and we will make it right. Well even leave our email here: info@blazedboys.com
    • AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM – This is the good stuff, cut from one block of aluminum. Don't be fooled by cheap knockoffs, or zinc grinders, that will bend or break after a bit of use.

Silver is our special edition, contact us @ info@blazedboys.com for info on getting one.