5 Chamber - Grinder with Sealed Storage

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Is your cannabis so potent that its aroma fills the room? Are you tired of the hundreds of plastic bottles the dispensary gives you? Are you looking for a stash jar that keeps your cannabis fresh? If so, you've found the perfect grinder!

Our five chamber grinder is designed specifically for ease of use. With our unique closing mechanism, after a quick quarter twist, you'll be packing bowls in no time. But that's not even the best part. The storage chamber is sealed and can store up to 7 grams of unground cannabis.   
vChamber Five Chamber Grinder
Our grinder is fully maintainable with replaceable screens, screws, and o-ring seals.

If you choose to personalize it, we will engrave most designs on top for you. To find out more about the engraving process, reach out to us at contact@smokingco.com


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We offer returns to unused grinders that have not been customized. If you would like to begin the return process, email us at contact@smokingco.com or call us at (858)609-9345.