What do Grinders do?

  • Grinders do a few thing. The most important are that grinders with screens collect the “loose” pollen that otherwise would be “lost”. It may not be much, but it quickly adds up over time. Grinders have the ability to shred tobacco/herb quicker and give a consistently to your herbs.

Do you need a Grinder?

  • No. You don’t. - Depending on who you talk to, people either love or hate them. If you're using your hands now, and that works for you, there's nothing wrong with that.
  • If you want to try a grinder, see if you can find a friend that has one. It’s very likely that they have no problem showing you how it works and would be happy to let you give it a test run. Especially if you supply the herbs to shred.

What's the difference between Zinc and Aluminum Grinders?

  • Zinc is a fairly soft metal. As such, it’s easier (therefore cheaper) to CNC compared to Aluminum. 
  • Aluminum, being harder, basically boils down to the teeth being stronger.

What about Titanium Grinders?

  • They don’t exist. Titanium is incredibly expensive. And it’s incredibly strong. It would take forever to machine. * A full Titanium grinder would cost hundreds of dollars at a minimum.

What’s the difference between Zinc and Premium Aluminum Grinders?

  • Zinc grinders are going usually going to be priced lower due to the strength difference between zinc and aluminum.
  • A small step up from Zinc Grinders, there’s Premium Aluminum Grinders.The quality of these grinders are slightly better than Zinc Grinders. but generally, they are the same design with an increased strength. 

    How much should I expect to pay for a high-quality grinder?

    • Between $25-$75.
      • This range depends on size, a small quality grinder (2-inches tall by 1-inch diameter) will be $25-$35 and a larger grinder (3-4-inches tall by 2-3-inches wide) will be $40-$75.

    I got a new grinder and I heard I should run paper through it first… Why?”

    • Grinding paper is the easiest way to tell if you have loose metal shavings in your grinder. - It’s easy to tell because the paper will have dark marks on it.
    • Generally, the best practice is to wash your new grinder first. Dry it. Give the grinding pieces 20-25 full spins before running paper through it. - This way, if you see any metal shavings, it’s because your teeth are grinding together.

    What should I do if my grinder fails the paper-test?

    • Return it!

    Why does my grinder makes a squeaking noise?

    • If your grinder makes a squeaking noise, it’s because somewhere there is metal rubbing against metal. Generally, that’s a bad thing.

    Does my grinder have a Pollen Chamber?

    • If it’s a metal grinder; most likely, yes.

    What does a Pollen Chamber do?

    • Pollen Chambers are like piggy banks that collect all of the wonderful crystalline-like molecules that are knocked off your herbs during the grinding process. These delicate treasures slowly build up over time and would otherwise be deemed “lost” without a dedicated collection device.