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Complete Review of Blazed Boy's BB Grinder

Blazed Boy's BB Grinder This review will tell you more about the product and be less of a review. The grinder has 4 separate parts (shown above). Each grinder comes with a kief scraper. Our grinder have a one twist locking mechanism that makes quick bowls easy! The BB grinder also has a removable screen for easy cleaning, since this is a lifetime guaranteed product! The teeth grind up herb perfectly and the whole process is smooth, almost like butter on ice.  Available in Black, Blue, Teal, Red, Green, and Silver.    Summary  To be as unbias as possible, this grinder gets the job done well. It is definitely worth the price and you will not be let down. If you...

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What You Didn't Know About Indica and Sativa Strains

As a culture, we have discovered a lot about the cannabis plant. There are two types of strains, or genes, that the cannabis plant can be.   Indica I like to think of Indica as in-da-couch. That's what it will do, leave you on the couch! The plants are usually shorter with wider leaves.  Effects: relaxing and calming  possible couch lock perfect for night use or a lazy movie day Sativa Sativa is believed to make the creative juices flow. The Cannabis Sativa plant grows tall with thin leaves.  Effects: energetic and euphoric  cerebral, spacey or hallucinogenic great for use during the day  Origin/Genetics Scientists that have studied the differences between indica and sativa have come up with a number of...

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